Who We Are

Best Italian Selection is one of the leading exporters of best Italian products in the export sector of the food in the world.

We are a company built on excellence of Italian food. We offer a wide variety of products including canned vegetables and tomatoes products , pasta, olive oil, Italian wines.

Our focus is quality and authenticity, the made in Italy, the Italian food is not only a concept to sell but it is a life’s style to follow. ..If you like it, you do “bis”!
We are the link between customer need and capacity ‘ production of Italian food.

Our plants are located in different places of south Italy where the main principal production is made.
Our head office is in Battipaglia and we do strategy, logistic and strong customer’s service experience. Through a systematic and organized effort, that involves all aspects of the company.

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Best Italian Selection s.r.l.
Via Monsignor Aniello Vicinanza, 1/B 84091 Battipaglia (SA) Italy 

+39 0828 211553