Who we are

Who we are

Best Italian Selection -Bis s.r.l.-, with headquarters in Battipaglia, in the province of Salerno, is one of the major global exporters of carefully selected Italian food products.

The company’s foundations lie in the excellence of Italian cuisine. It offers a wide variety of products, including peeled tomatoes and tomato products, legumes and preserves, durum wheat pasta and bronze-died artisan fresh pasta, extra virgin olive oil, and a vast range of regional Italian wines and sparkling wine and italian traditional cake.

The main goal is to guarantee quality and authenticity: the renowned “made in Italy”.

The company is the link between the customer’s needs and the available production capacities on Italian soil.

Strategies, logistics and customer satisfaction approaches are analyzed and implemented according to the needs and preferences of the final target market.

The aim of Best Italian Selection is not simply to sell products to its customers, but to suggest a lifestyle they can follow …

… with us if you like something, you’ll have a second helping! In Italian we call that “fare il BIS!”

Who we are



Bis s.r.l. is always happy to serve you! We combine the right degree of flexibility and the ability to tailor products for specific markets to ensure we are always close to you and your needs. We focus on understanding your needs and finding business solutions to fulfil them.

This philosophy is the basis of everything we do.

Thanks to the professionalism that distinguishes our services, we are able to provide you with accurate results, adding value to your activities.

We continuously strive to be one of the top global food companies, constantly guaranteeing quality, stability, and reliability.

We are looking for commercial partners who, like us, believe in our project and our principles and are ready to grow together.

If you think your company fits the bill, welcome aboard! Tell us how we can help you!